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Basics of Library Skills

International e-materials in LUC-Finna

Searches for international e-materials in LUC-Finna include a large number of databases (reference collections) maintained by different information producers; most of the references are in English. For the most part, the databases contain scientific articles, but you will also find e-books and other references from various publishers.

The search of international e-materials in LUC-Finna will not cover all the e-materials that are accessible in the databases the University has acquired. Some times could be usefull to serch in database’s own search facility. These can be found on the page "Information Resources (University)" and "Information Resources (UAS)" (See section 6, More e-resources).

Searching international e-materials

  1. When you search alternative tourism, you will get over 150 000 results
  2. You can narrow your search with
    • Full text available
    • Peer reviewed
    • Year of publication
    • Subjects...
  3. You can check the availability of an article with the links. To read the full text you need to sign in to LUC-Finna.
  4. Use quotes with phrases, eg. "social services"

​​Search results of alternative tourism

How to find a printed article?

If you need a certain article, which doesn't have a full text link, you should check its availability by the Journal Title.

For example if you need the article:
Jannin, Leslie, Ganier, Franck & De Vries, Philinea: Atomized or Delayed Execution? An Alternative Paradigm for the Study of Procedural Learning. Journal of educational psychology 2019, 111(8): 1406.

Then you should search for Journal of educational psychology and check it's availability in LUC-Finna.

Finding printed journals

The Library's collections consist about 15 000 e-journals and about 50 printed journals.

Enter the title of journal: Journal of educational psychology

  1. If the journal is printed, open more information by clicking the title
  2. You can see the holdings....

Search results: Journal of educational psychology

Holdings information

The latest journals + current year are situated on the second floor in library. Journals, not including current year, are situated on basement.