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Open Science

Open science in the University of Lapland

Open science means promoting open operations models in science and research. It includes efforts to promote the findability, accessibility and use of scientific knowledge, both within and outside the scientific community.

The University of Lapland is committed to building and developing open science services and practices. The University provides to members of the university community training, guidance and support with questions related to open science. The openness of research at the University of Lapland is guided by the Open Science Guidelines, which include Publication Policy and Data Policy. Guidelines for Open Education and Open Educational Resources are going to be published in 2024.

In this guide, you will find basic information on open science at the University of Lapland, as well as practical advice on how to implement openness and use open materials. It guides you further to more detailed materials.

For support and questions related to open science please contact The Library at research.library(at)

Recommendations for Researchers

Our policies of open science include detailed recommendations and requirements that members of the university community should familiarize themselves with. You can find more information about them in the sections Publishing and Open Research Data.

In general The University of Lapland recommends that

  • all researchers create an ORCID identifier, make active use of it, and link it to their profile in the University of Lapland’s research portal.
  • open research outputs be licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0.

Actions and activities that promote open science and research are part of a researcher’s skill set, and the University values and supports such efforts. They give researchers academic merit and they are considered in recruitment and in assessing career development.

What are we committed to as a university?

In our research actions and activities, as well as in publishing and opening research outputs, we are committed to the guidelines for the responsible conduct of research and for handling allegations of misconduct published by the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity (TENK).

We have signed the Declaration for Open Science and Research 2020–2025 and are committed to

  • promote openness as a fundamental value throughout the research community and its activities
  • strengthen societal knowledgebase and innovation
  • improve the quality of scientific and artistic research outputs and the educational resources based on them, and the fluid mobility and impact of research outputs throughout society.

As a signee of the DORA declaration and as a member of CoARA, we are committed to advancing development of responsible research assessment.

We build and develop our open science services and activities in compliance with the abovementioned national and international guidelines.