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Scientific Information Retrieval

Selecting Databases

The university provides its students and staff with more than 15,000 online journals, about 150,000 e-books and a wide selection of databases.
All e-books are listed in LUC-Finna (Local collection) and almost all e-journal articles can be searched through LUC-Finna's E-material search.

Databases can be grouped by their content: library catalogues, e-book databases, article databases. All the databases and the library catalogues available at Lapland University can be accessed also through the LibGuide "Scientific Information Resources". There are also a lot of open access materials. Choose the resource depending on your needs: books, articles, journals, dictionaries, statistics....  

a yellow key Access to the net resources outside the university premises is available by logging in with your ulapland username (Haka Login).

E-resources in LUC-Finna

  1. LUC-Finna has links to all e-books and e-journals at Local Collection tab.
  2. There is a link to full text content below the title 
  3. You can narrow the search to available online only
  4. You can find articles by using E-materials tab, but please note, that some databases are not included in LUC-Finna's e-materials search.

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