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Scientific Information Retrieval

International e-materials search in LUC-Finna

International e-materials search in LUC-Finna allows you to search almost all foreign databases currently in use at the University of Lapland.

For more specific searches, databases have their own user interfaces.

Searching international e-materials

  1. When you search alternative tourism, you will get over 150 000 results
  2. You can narrow your search with
    • Full text available
    • Peer reviewed
    • Year of publication
    • Subjects...
  3. You can check the availability of an article with the links. To read the full text you need to sign in to LUC-Finna.
  4. Use quotes with phrases, eg. "social services"

​​Search results of alternative tourism

Advanced search from International e-materials

Advanced search from Internationa e-materials differs from LUC-Finna's other advanced searches. From the beginning of the search box, you select how the keywords entered in the search box are combined. Subsequent search boxes are always combined with AND.

  1. Type gymnastics in the first search box.
  2. In the second search box, type "costume design" and its alternate keywords, e.g. "clothing design" "sport clothes". Two-part keywords are enclosed in quotation marks, with only a blank space between the keywords.
  3. Select "Any term (OR)" at the beginning of the search box, when there are two or more alternate keywords in the search box.

Advanced search using terms: gymnastics AND ("costume design" OR "clothing design")