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Scientific Information Retrieval

Using logo can be used to retrieve material from all Finnish university libraries, polytechnic libraries and public libraries, as well as Finnish archives and museums. 

Searching in

  • Example: You would like to search material about international cooperation and environment. Use quotes with phrases, e.g. "international cooperation". basic search: "international cooperation" environment

  1. Because the searches are usually extensive,  it is necessary to narrow the search result
  2. A good option to narrow the search results is to choose the Sector > Library > University

Search results: "international cooperation" environment, results 999

Search results

  1. You can see, in which library the book is situated. You can use interlibrary loan service, if you want to borrow a book, that is available in another library.
  2. You can narrow the search to those that are available online
  3. You can narrow your search to doctoral dissertations (Thesis), the access to theses is usually free.
  4. Note also the option to narrow to a period of publishing years, e.g. 2010 - 2020 search results


Finna contains an extensive collection of open image materials. The user rights to the pictures are given in the system.

  1. You can narrow the search results to Images or to "Work of art"
  2. You can also restrict your searches according to the user rights > "Permissible uses" search results: finnish design